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Hospital Management system

Complete Hospital management system | by Win Apps | Feb, 05 2014

It is not an easy task to manage an hospital but Win apps Hospital management software does it smoothly for you. Our hospital management software is the all-in-one Hospital management software that keeps track of everything that is from staff details to patient history.

Advantages of win apps Hospital Management software:
» Keep track of all the doctors and staff
» Generate bill just by selecting the patient name
» Keep track of the patient’s visits
» Accounts
» Medicine stock maintainace
» Reports catagarised by patients/treatment based/doctor based/in or out patient
» Sponsor Verification
» keeping track on patient medications
» customisble options depending on the facilities in the hospital
» Recurring Ancillary charge capability
» Auto-generated Codes and Billing Criteria
» Provision for Pre-billing
» Extensive third-party Billing
» Invoice management
» Supports multiple users
» Admin Control
» Windows based (offline)
» Cloud based (online)
» Mobile based
» LAN Based(Internal)